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FZero X Resources
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F-Zero X

Submission Rules
Make sure you read this before submitting your times to the ladder.

F-Zero X Time Attack Guide (1999 - 2000)
The first online F-Zero X guide written by player David van Moer back in 1999 - 2000. Outdated by today's knowledge, but still useful to new players with simple strategies to beat the staff ghosts.

F-Zero X Driving Mechanics and Moves Guide
A detailed Guide with full video demonstration of the Driving Mechanics and Moves in F-Zero X written by WMJ

F-Zero X Track Specific Tutorials
Detailed video tutorials with several strategies of increasing difficulty and goal times for each track in F-Zero X by WMJ

Engine Settings FAQ
A Guide to the slider and jumper settings you should use for all the courses in the game.

Floating Guide
A Guide to the Advanced Technique of Floating

Best times for every machine
(Google sheet) Best known times for each machine+track combination.

   Index » F-Zero Stuff » FZero X Resources
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