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FZero GX Resources
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F-Zero GX


Submission Rules
Make sure you read this before submitting your times to the ladder.



Frequently asked questions about GX in general, with everything from unlocking cups to beating staff ghosts.

Max Speed Time Attack Guide by AKC12
(Google Doc) A comprehensive Max Speed (100% settings) guide aimed at new to intermediate GX time attackers. Includes videos to demonstrate techniques.

Tutorial videos and Course tutorial videos by Naegleria
(YouTube) Tutorial videos with verbal explanations, mainly for Max Speed time attack.

Advanced Techniques (Old)
An older guide explaining advanced techniques for all GX categories.

Course Guides (Old)
Old guides detailing track-specific strategies.



Machines vs. Staff Ghosts
(Google sheet) How many staff ghosts can we beat... with machines like Silver Rat?

Internal machine stats
(Google sheet) GX's highly complex physics engine boasts over 20 machine stats. It's not nearly as simple as body, boost, and grip.

GX Ultimate Compendium
(Excel online) Links to many other useful GX resources, in a well-organized spreadsheet compiled by After Dawn.


Modding and Action Replay

Action Replay Guide
A guide to what cheats are available and what can be unlocked using Action Replay, including the "special" custom parts.

GX mods at Gamebanana
Machine stat mods, retextures, custom music, modding related tools and guides, and more.

F-Zero GX Unleashed
Machine stat rebalancing mod by AKC12. Buffs all non-custom machines to be as competitive as Fat Shark and Black Bull.

Image to emblem converter
Drag-and-drop program that converts an image file to a .gci emblem file.


Other Websites

GX/AX official site (UK)
The North American official GX/AX site (f-zero.com) and the Japanese site (f-zero.jp) are no longer available, but the British site resides on Nintendo Europe's main domain and is still available (as of late 2017).

Backup of GX/AX official site (JP)
The Japanese official site had some content that can't be found on the Western sites.

muumu's GX site
Classic Japanese site of the 2003-2004 Max Speed time attack champion. Covers Max Speed fundamentals and techniques.

KAZOON's GX site
Mostly Japanese site with research/data on machines and courses. Includes a
custom machine parts/name converter.

CGN's website

Brave's GX site

Battlestream's GX site


F-Zero AX

General information on F-Zero AX, the arcade version of F-Zero GX.

Physics differences from GX
(yoshifan's blog) Explains the T-Drift and why some GX techniques don't work in AX.

AX arcade cabinet locations map
(Reddit) A map showing where in the world you can look for this exceedingly rare arcade game.

(Google Sheet) Best known times for F-Zero AX, including runs done on the arcade cabinet and runs done on Nintendont. Links videos if available. Maintained by Figh.

   Index » F-Zero Stuff » FZero GX Resources
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