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How to insert a link.
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How to insert a link.

Links are both simple and tricky in our editor. I know 3 ways to insert a link.

  • You can simply type the URL. If it looks like an URL, editor will convert text to a link once you press space or enter. Try typing www.zone.com and see the magic at work.
  • You can copy URL in the address bar of your browser (different window) and paste it into editor. Becomes a link. That's the most common way, I think.
  • You can insert link via Insert/Edit button. To do that, you first type the text of the link. (BHG, for example.) Then, you select the text, and the button gets ungrayed. You click it and provide URL and lot of advanced stuff.

The first two ways only work in IE, unfortunately. You can also edit an existing link. Click on a link, and either click the same button, of select option from right click menu. Also, you can simply edit the link text. It is possible to insert the link using way 2, and then put your caret inside the link and start typing whatever you want. Doing that, you change text part of the link, but not the URL part. It is a little bit tricky, you have to be sure you are inside the link. I usually first insert new text I need and then delete the old text I don't want.

Links to MFO posts can be input in this form: #post. You can also have links to an MFO #forum or MFO #game, We had images like that on old MFO, so this feature has a nostalgic quality.

To insert that link into a post, I clicked on "Post link" button () in the editor. A pop-up asked me for a post ID, which I got by double-clicking on the title of the post I wanted to link. Note: this part works differently for IE and FF; IE puts the id directly to the clipboard (IE7 asks permission for that), on FF, you are shown the number and have to copy it by hand. Notice that this link looks differently in the editor that it will appear later on the page.

If you have an idea how to make this process more user-friendly, answer this #post.

Notice that system prohibits you from posting links if you are new at MFO. We won the battle against spammers after a mod was installed that prohibited link posting until 10 days since you registered and 10 postings under your belt unless you have magic word mfonube in your MFO settings.

Finally, to insert a link into your sig, use the old MFO's {l=URL} syntax.

   Index » MFO bordered Stuff » How to insert a link.
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