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FZero Climax Course Maps
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F-Zero Climax Course Maps

F-Zero Climax has a total of 54 courses plus Fire Field - Rat Race which is playable in single-pak multiplayer. In-game maps of all the course are shown below.

Bronze Cup - Standard

mutecity_sixcarat.jpeg  sandocean_highspeededge.jpeg  porttown_skyhighway.jpeg  whiteland_wolf.jpeg  firefield_heatcircuit.jpeg

Bronze Cup - Expert

mutecity_eightcarat.jpeg  whiteland_whitewolf.jpeg  bigblue_archhill.jpeg  porttown_skyhighwayii.jpeg  redcanyon_insideoutii.jpeg

Bronze Cup - Master

redcanyon_barrelroll.jpeg  sandocean_highspeededgeiii.jpeg  lightning_gtrace.jpeg  mutecity_tencarat.jpeg  whiteland_lastwolf.jpeg

Silver Cup - Standard

bigblue_slalom.jpeg  redcanyon-insideout.jpeg  mistflow_doublelink.jpeg  firefield_frontline.jpeg  silence_nightmare.jpeg

Silver Cup - Expert

sandocean_highspeededgeii.jpeg  lightning_trustjump.jpeg  mistflow_mistring.jpeg  mutecity_cactuscircuit.jpeg  firefield_burnoutlink.jpeg

Silver Cup - Master

mutecity_cactuscircuitii.jpeg  mistflow_puzzlering.jpeg  lightning_losslanding.jpeg  firefield_frontlineii.jpeg  silence_nightmareone.jpeg

Gold Cup - Standard

lightning_rtrace.jpeg  porttown_halfdome.jpeg  sandocean_keybreak.jpeg  bigblue_slipdown.jpeg  illusion_lostway.jpeg

Gold Cup - Expert

whiteland_hornet.jpeg  silence_nightmarefear.jpeg  bigblue_singlecourse.jpeg  sandocean_keybreakii.jpeg  illusion_lostwayii.jpeg

Gold Cup - Master

porttown_halfdomeii.jpeg  whiteland_hornethouse.jpeg  sandocean_keybreakiii.jpeg  bigblue_twincourse.jpeg  illusion_lostwayii.jpeg

Platinum Cup

mutecity_multiply.jpeg  bigblue_bigbillow.jpeg  silence_silenceii.jpeg  porttown_greatwings.jpeg  redcanyon_redcanyonii.jpeg

sandocean_sandocean.jpeg  whiteland_whitelandii.jpeg  firefield_firefield.jpeg



   Index » F-Zero Stuff » FZero Climax Course Maps
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