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Wild Goose
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Player Album 2017-2018
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Lee (sB Cipher)

Date of birth: 05/04/1996

Description: Life long fan of Nintendo games, and an intermediate level GX Max Speed runner. I want to see how far I can push myself.

F-Zero game(s): GX
F-Zero machine: Sonic Phantom
F-Zero character: The Skull
F-Zero song: Dream Chaser

"This is the best gaming community I've ever been a part of. You guys are all awesome."


Micha (micha_)

Date of birth: 02/08/2001

Description: I am micha and i started running f-zero GX not too long ago

F-Zero game(s): GX and X
F-Zero machine: Sonic Phantom
F-Zero character: The Skull
F-Zero song: Devil's Call In Your Heart



Date of birth: 19/01/1998

Description: What I do in F-Zero is I just enjoy playing the games while also going fast, especially in GX and AX (mostly AX 😉). I love AX and feel I have pushed it more than anyone currently will push it, and I intend to push it even further

F-Zero game(s): AX, GX, Climax, SNES, Maximum Velocity, GP Legend
F-Zero machine: In AX = Heat Grampus, in GX = Quick Star-G4
F-Zero character: James McCloud
F-Zero song: Sand Ocean (SNES)

"I'd love more people to try AX and compete in it"



Date of birth: 14/09/1995

Description: German Math Student. I like to go fast

F-Zero game(s): X and GX
F-Zero machine: Hell Hawk
F-Zero character: Dr. Stewart
F-Zero song: Rollercoaster


Eli Marg (Siontix)

Date of birth: 24/06/1996

Description: Along with being a fan of F-Zero since childhood, I am the writer of the three-part F-Zero: Seppuku literary saga and a fanatic of all things relating to F-Zero lore.

F-Zero game(s): GX and GP Legend
F-Zero machine: Blood Hawk and White Cat
F-Zero character: Blood Falcon
F-Zero song: Mist Flow (GP Legend)

"I read any and all F-Zero literary submissions and try to offer my support to each one. My iconic mentality is that I always want to be: "The one reader that won't disappear.""


Angelo Coelho (AKC12)

Date of birth: 20/11/1990

Description: I am both an American and Brazilian with some Japanese mixed in. Grew up and currently live in Massachusetts. F-Zero GX is currently the only F-Zero game I've played a lot and own. I primarily participate in the max speed ladder and I am currently in 8th place on it. I have written up a max speed guide for F-Zero GX, hosted competitions and created a balance mod called F-Zero GX Unleashed which helped kick start the game's modding scene.

F-Zero game(s): GX
F-Zero machine: Stormy Star-G4
F-Zero character: Captain Falcon
F-Zero song: Dream Chaser

"Took part in AGDQ 2015 helping Zewing finish his run. Also participated in other speedrunning events, both online and in person. Hope to do a full run at a GDQ one day.
Favorite GX track is Spiral. Favorite character theme song is Blood Falcon's.
Follow me on Twitter @akc12_ 
Twitch: akc_12
All of my videos are on Youtube: akc12
If you want to know how to go faster in GX or are having trouble with something in particular, ask! I am more than happy to help out!"


Sam Vida (Unr3al)

Date of birth: 20/09/1993

Description: "Casual runner since 2014, and joined the discord/running more seriously in 2016. Currently ranked 36 max speed.
Interested in helping the community of this amazing game."

F-Zero game(s): GX and X
F-Zero machine: Gallant Star-G4
F-Zero character: Blood Falcon
F-Zero song: Dream Chaser

F-Zero Meetup at Oval's place. Left to right: Oval, AKC12, Unr3al, Zewing



Date of birth: 25/12/1990

Description: Japanese GX Otaku


F-Zero machine: FAT SHARK


Jonah Linder (Electropolitan)

Date of birth: 25/03/1996

Description: I mod GX; Songs, textures, and vehicle imports. Hopefully soon custom tracks

F-Zero game(s): GX
F-Zero machine: Hyper Speeder
F-Zero character: Billy
F-Zero song: Cover of Big Blue


Anthony (Mr_Ant87)

Date of birth: 13/05/2001

Description: I'm just someone who found out about the series a couple of years ago and got hooked. I'll occasionally do time trial runs on the original, GPL and maybe X but apart from a few top one-hundred times (and perhaps a few Australian records on GPL) I'm pretty much irrelevant. 

F-Zero game(s): GP Legend and X
F-Zero machine: White Cat
F-Zero song: Decide in the Eyes

"I've been into 'normal' motorsports for pretty much my whole life, and even raced karts for a couple of years. I've also been into gaming a lot, so I have a background in more traditional racing games."



Date of birth: 13/12/1995

Description: Speedy girl who fell in love with F-Zero in 2013. Studying Computer Engineering, playing Guitar Hero and speedrunning in my spare time.

F-Zero game(s): Climax, GX and X
F-Zero machine: Rainbow Phoenix
F-Zero character: Miss Killer
F-Zero song: Dream Chaser

"Follow me on Twitter @Valyssa0"


Stephen (FireFalcons1)

Date of birth: 04/11/1996

Description: Former Australian Champion of GX, Been time attacking since 2014. I mostly participate in the Max Speed ladder but I'm also a fan of grinding out Story Mode chapters as well. 
Currently lives in Sydney, Australia. Other things I like to do other than speedrunning goes from playing piano, cycling, general exercise and web coding.
Reminder that sub 2 CTT is literally free, and banemu! 

F-Zero game(s): GX and X
F-Zero machine: Gallant Star-G4 and Quick Star
F-Zero character: Dr. Stewart and Jack Levin
F-Zero song: Dr. Stewart, Leon, Jack Levin, Zoda, Lily, Phoenix, John Tanaka and Princia


Kevin Konner Schneider (sera)

Date of birth: 24/08/1989

Description: Been an active member in the speed running scene since 2011, first started time-attacking f-zero x back in 2012, picked up GX in like 2014 and pretty much only play that now

F-Zero game(s): GX, X and Climax
F-Zero machine: Omega Gantlet-V2
F-Zero character: Lily
F-Zero song: Silence (F-Zero X and Climax versions)

"Stay classy"


Evan Chambers (Walkman)

 Date of birth: 18/04/1998

Description: I suck at every track that isn't hard. I have romantic feelings for Sector B.

F-Zero game(s): X
F-Zero machine: Crazy Bear
F-Zero character: Silver Neelsen aka Liam Neeson
F-Zero song: Drivin' Through on Max

"Never stop F-Zero X"


Jarrod (Oval)

Date of birth: 01/04/1989

Description: GX Time Attacker; started an annual meet-up for players this year (2017)

F-Zero game(s):
F-Zero GX
F-Zero machine:
Top Tier: Quick Star-G4; Non-Custom: Fat Shark / Fun Tier: Maximum Horse-Z and Sonic Phantom
F-Zero character:
Kate Allen
F-Zero song:
Falcon's Theme
F-Zero tracks: SOSS, LTR, LHP



Date of birth: 26/05/2002

Description: Saw a bunch of speedruns back in 2015, I have now embarked on a journey to prove that I am the biggest F-zero scrub in the world.

F-Zero game(s): 
GX, X, Climax
F-Zero machine: 
Hyper Speeder
F-Zero character: 
Captain Falcon, Beastman & James McCloud
F-Zero song: 
Infinite Blue (Big Blue from GX)

"stuck in high school."


Alvaro (WOLFSparks)

Date of birth: 02/11/1992

Description: Pilot of F-Zero machines since 1998 and I wish to meet more F-Zero racers around the world for a good race!

F-Zero game(s): F-Zero GX
F-Zero machine: Bright Jaguar Z
F-Zero character: Captain Falcon
F-Zero song: Big Blue

"I wish a new F-Zero!"


David O'Leary (DeNik)

Date of birth: 15/11/2001

Description: I mostly time trial.


F-Zero game(s): SNES and GX
F-Zero character: Captain Falcon
F-Zero song: Planet Colors






Charming Prince




















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Owner: Sera


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