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About F-Zero Central
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F-Zero Central is a community dedicated to Nintendo's F-Zero racing game franchise. Our website features Time Attack ladders (rankings) for each of the 6 F-Zero games released on console.

If you're looking for the fastest F-Zero time attack records in the world, you're in the right place! Register an account, pick a game, submit your best times and see how they stack up. If you're just here to talk about or learn about F-Zero in general, you're in the right place too. Meet our top racers and knowledgeable F-Zero fans at the website forums or Discord server.

Getting help

If you need any assistance with the site, feel free to ask on our forums, Facebook, or Twitter.

Website rules

Each game has its own ladder rules, so be sure to read those before submitting times.

For the forums, just use common sense and you should be fine. Don't post illegal stuff, keep discussions civil, and browse the topic lists to get an idea of what's on-topic.

History of F-Zero Central

The F-Zero Maximum Velocity Players' Site was launched in June 2001 by Dave Crawford, shortly after F-Zero MV's release. Its time attack rankings got very popular, attracting close to 200 players from around the world in just several months. Around April 2002, the site expanded to include rankings for F-Zero on the SNES and F-Zero X, and became known as F-Zero Central (FZC) under the domain fzerocentral.com. FZC got even more popular with the release of F-Zero GX in 2003.

Unfortunately, FZC became unsustainable as popularity increased, because the times submission process required manual work by the site admins. By late 2003, the admins no longer had the free time to keep up. That's when FZC moved to being part of MrFixitOnline (MFO), a large website hosting communities of various games (Age of Empires, Chess, Star Wars, etc.) founded by Mr. Fixit. MFO provided web forms for players to submit times, and it also allowed power users to create HTML-formatted articles using the customized forum system.

MFO remained the home of F-Zero competition all the way until December 2012, when Mr. Fixit and his team decided to stop maintaining MFO as a whole. From there, it was decided that Locks would take over the MFO codebase and the site would focus solely on the F-Zero franchise, reusing the old name of F-Zero Central.

Where we are now

It's been over 15 years after the founding of the original F-Zero MV site, and F-Zero Central is still alive and well, with active competitors in most games. All things considered, we're very happy to still be going and providing a working website for the F-Zero community!

It's no secret that our MFO-based website is a bit dated by now, though. We have a much-needed site overhaul on our roadmap so that FZC can keep going for many more years, but it's going to take some time to finish. Until that happens, let's make the most of what we have and keep the F-Zero community going strong.


(This is an FZC replacement for the following old MFO pages: What is MFO? and MFO Code of Conduct)

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