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Wild Goose
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Illusion Lap Storage Exploit
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Was messing around on a custom Illusion track earlier and I stumbled upon something interesting :

Basically, if you're on the black part of the track on the edge, the game thinks you're not on the track and won't make you go to the next lap. Instead, it stores that until the next time you touch the track.
So you can get to the end of lap 1, then drive past the goal while staying on lap 1. This allows you to skip the first part of the track in lap 2.

The game remembers the checkpoint you were at before you went "off the track". In my case it was just before the finish line. If you die and respawn (GP Novice or Test Run) it will put you all the way back there.

However, because the game remembers you are at that checkpoint, it also remembers that you should be driving north. So if at any point you have to drive south (or anywhere past 90 degrees from north) it will tell you to "Turn back". When this pops up, it prevents you from hitting any more checkpoints (or the finish line) until you go back to that checkpoint, driving in the right direction. Lap 2 will still trigger when you get back on the track, but if you keep driving, you'll notice it still tells you to "turn back" and when you cross the finish line, you will not go to lap 3.

So that severely limits the use of this exploit. You cannot store your lap 2 for the entire track, and then activate it just before the finish line and then cross it, resulting in a <1 second lap 2. You can only skip the first part of the track until the track makes you turn south.
For the Illusion Lost Way tracks, this means you can only skip the part outlined here : http://puu.sh/j5pRp/06fa543d8d.jpg.
And since you want to be going at max speed going into the lap, realistically you can only skip the first straight part. That could probably save a couple of centiseconds on the lap WRs.

As far as I can tell this only works on Illusion, since other tracks make you bounce back when you go too far out.

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