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FZero Climax Course Editor
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F-Zero Climax
Course Editor

Copyright Cait2Sith (Damien Good). Click here to Download.

Version 1.08


Version 1.08

  • Forgot about 3 cars, Red Bull, Blue Falcon GP, Hyper Death Anchor. They are now listed.
  • When Track is edited, and password gotten, the name/car combinations randomly chosen are from Captain Falcon/Blue Falcon, Ryu Suzaku/Dragon Bird, Dr. Stewart/Golden Fox, record still 4'59"97

Version 1.07

  • Added a way to edit the records of a given course. This is done with the load record button, after entering in the first 3 lines of the password containing the changed record. Overall, you can type the first 3 lines, load the record, then get the rest of the password for quick copying much faster than copying down and typing the entire password. Unlike load password, there will not be a way implemented to bypass the validation for the entered record at all.
  • Course name is now validated to what the game allows.
  • The one too many password character bug has been squashed at last. (and you can safely ignore trailing 0s on any and all passwords.)

Version 1.06

  • Redo added. Now if you undo one too many things, you can redo some of your work quickly, as long as you didn't make any changes since your last undo.
  • Undo History now saved with the course file.
  • Option to speed up submission of course to nintendo implemented. (An htm with a single submit button is created, that puts you back to the course password/description correction area.)
  • Another memory Leak fixed.
  • Track Files are now validated.

Version 1.05

  • Switched Image Loading over to ImageMaster. Should load faster now.
  • Display of Name of Driver setting record
  • Display Car used to set the record
  • Display Record Set - You may edit the name of the course, or the planet the course is on, without affecting these displayed values. Editing the course will reset them back to the default  "C.FALCON", "Blue Falcon", 4'59"97, in the created password. I have no intention of changing this, or allowing user editing of these values.

Version 1.04

  • Added Check Version to the Help Menu, now you can be sure you have the latest version.
  • File names for the last 12 tiles were wrong, fixed.
  • Lower Case password text is now converted to uppercase. Also, Os are converted to 0s.
  • Added Checksum Override and Fixed Byte Override.
  • Added Save Password Bin, for the Emulator users. To use this, Go into the password entry screen as usual. Assuming your using VBA, Go to Tools / Memory Viewer. Click on Load..., Load up the File you saved. For the Offset, specify 203F800. Click OK. Close the Memory Viewer. Now in the  password entry screen, go to OK, as if you had just finished entering the password.

Version 1.03

  • Implemented Password Loading
  • Implemented Course Saving/Loading
  • Implemented Exporting of Course Layout to Bitmap Files

Version 1.02

  • Label for Course name was being set to "" instead of the Textbox. Fixed.
  • Memory Leak with CreatePassword() fixed.
  • Undo Button Added

Version 1.01

  • Added undo (at request of midiman)
  • Pieces can no longer go outside of the 16x16 grid.

Version 1.00

  • Initial Release

Known Issues

  • One password character too many is being generated. This is no big deal, because the game simply ignores it.
  • Horizontal jumps cannot have vertical pieces running through them.  This unfortunately is because the game messes up the track to an unplayable state if this is attempted.  The track works fine with Vertical jumps with horizontal pieces running through them.
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